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Crystals Facts

The world is filled up with large number of crystalline materials like diamonds, quartz and snowflakes. The role of crystalline materials in our life is very important. Here are some interesting facts about crystals.

Water Conservation Facts

Water is one of the most important blessing and the mandatory requirement of all living organisms to stay alive. This importance of water has forced the human beings to think about water conservation or saving the water.

Paper Recycling Facts

Everyone knows well about the extensive use of paper all over the world. However, the thing to consider is that, what we do with waste papers. If we do not recycle the waste papers, we commit a rime of polluting our environment.

Chlorine Facts

Chlorine that is a naturally occurring element and a member of periodic table is a light yellow-green gaseous substance. It is one of only a few periodic table elements that have tendency to react with almost all other elements of periodic table and form a new compound.

Hydropower Facts

Hydropower or water power is the force that we get from energy of moving water or falling water. This is the renewable energy source that is used for various useful purposes including irrigation and generating electricity.

Nuclear Energy Facts

Nuclear energy is the type of non-renewable energy that is produced by the fission or fusion in the form of controlled nuclear chain reaction. The most amazing thing about nuclear energy is that, this is the form of energy that can be used both for constructive or destructive purpose.

Wind Power Facts

Wind power is an alternative source of producing electricity and energy. It is very old technique. It is not very popular but it is environmental friendly. To know something more, take a look on these wind power facts.

Hydroelectricity Facts

Hydroelectricity is a type of electricity which is generated from hydro power. To produce electricity from hydro power, gravitational force of falling water is used. It is common renewable energy.

Secondhand Smoke Facts

Secondhand smoke is a mixture of different gases and other dangerous particles, which include smoke that is exhaled and breathed out by a person. It also includes smoke from a burning cigarette or pipe or cigar.

10 Bacteria Facts

Bacteria are prokaryotic microscopic organisms and they are unicellular organisms. Besides having very small structure that is composed of just one cell, bacteria have very clear effect on large living organisms like plants, animals and human beings.

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