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Ocean Pollution Facts

There are different types of pollution; one of them is Ocean pollution. Ocean pollution is not limited to oceans, it affects the marine life and in return it affects the human health. Here are some eye opening facts about ocean pollution.

  1. Sources of Ocean pollution: There are different sources of ocean pollution, oil spills; waste dumping and toxic wastes are just few of them. Agricultural runoff and plastics are also play a major role in ocean pollution.
  2. Developmental activities and ocean pollution: A lot of developmental activities are always take place near oceans like construction, mining, fisheries, tourism and aquaculture, which leads to ocean development.
  3. Ocean gyres: Plastics and other materials are discarded in oceans; these wastes concentrate in some areas, which are called as gyres. The North Pacific Gyre is larger than the American State Texas.
  4. Threat for ocean life: Toxic wastes accumulate in the body of marine life and when these animals are consumed by human, they cause different kinds of diseases. In some cases, deaths can also occur.
  5. Prevention: Limiting the recreational activities in oceans and putting a ban on waste dumping in oceans can reduce the ocean pollution to some extent. Moreover, authorities should make sure that only treated water is dumped into the oceans.

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