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Vin Diesel Facts

Vin Diesel is the name of famous American Artist who is a writer, director and producer at the same time. Many famous Hollywood movies are on his credit and he is also the hero of many video games. Here are some facts about Vin Diesel.

1. Birth

Vin Diesel was born on July 18, 1967 in New York City. At the time of birth, his name was Mark Sinclair Vincent.

2. Child Artist

Vin Diesel became a child artist at the age of seven, when he appeared in “Dinosaur Door: a child’s play. He proved himself as a creative artist during his school and college life by performing various roles in stage plays.

3. First Film

The first movie of Van Diesel as an Orderly role was “Awakenings” which was released in 1990 but remain unaccredited. Later on, he made his debut film as a writer, director, producer and actor which was a short film named “Multi-facial”.

4. Famous Movies

The famous movies of Van Diesel are  Saving Private Ryan, Pitch Black, The Fast and the Furious, xXx, The Chronicles of Riddick, Fast & Furious, and Fast Five.

5. Awards

From 1999 to 2012, Vin diesel has won 19 awards on different categories. He is also a famous hero of four notable video games.

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