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Animal Cells Facts

The cell is the basic structure of life. Cells combine to make animals and plants. Animal cell is different if we compare them with the plant cells. The cell is the basic unit of structure and function in all animals.

Hedgehog Facts

Hedgehog is a spiny mammal, found mainly in Britian. It belongs to Erinaceinae family. There are seventeen known species of hedgehog, which are divided into five genera. These are found in Britain mainly, but now we can see them in Asia, Africa and New Zealand too.

Golden Retriever Facts

There are different varieties of dogs in the world and one of them is Golden Retriever. This is called as the most popular breed of dog in the world. These are responsive dogs and are used to complete different jobs.

Pistachio Nutrition Facts

Pistachio is a nut and its scientific name is Pistacia Vera. It belongs to Anacardiaceae family. Pistachio is known for its nutritional value and health benefits. They grow to a medium size bushy tree, which are deciduous.

Albinism Facts

Albinism is a genetic disorder in which a person has a lack of melanin pigment. People affected with this disorder has little to no pigments in their hair, skin and eye. One person out of seventeen thousands has this disorder.

Hand washing Facts

Personal hygiene is important for a healthy lifestyle. Many things are important in this regard, but most important is the hand washing. It is a common habit, but if people adopt it properly it can reduce the spread of infectious diseases to a large extent.

Pacific Ocean Facts

Pacific ocean is the largest ocean on planet earth. It is located between the America, Asia and Australian continents. Presence of equator divides this ocean into North pacific ocean and South Pacific ocean.

Bull Shark Facts

Bull sharks are known as the most dangerous sharks. This aggressive species of shark are found in tropical waters. They are usually found in shallow waters. They are also called as Ganges shark  and Zambezi shark.

Unbelievable Facts

The world is so large and we have so many things, some of them are quite strange. Some facts are interesting, while others are unbelievable. Here, we are mentioning some unbelievable facts.

Walrus Facts

The walrus is the a large marine mammal, its scientific name is Odebenus rosmarus. Two species of this mammal have identified, one is called Atlantic walrus while another is Pacific Walrus. They have large tusks, which are used for defense.

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