Did You Know – Facts Facts You Need to Know

Wind Power Facts

Wind power is an alternative source of producing electricity and energy. It is very old technique. It is not very popular but it is environmental friendly. To know something more, take a look on these wind power facts.

South Dakota Facts

South Dakota is a state of United States. It was inhabitant by Native Americans at the time of European exploration. It is a rich agricultural state and has many hills.

Manatee Facts

Manatees are the aquatic mammals of grey color. They have taper bodies.  They are the closest relatives of elephants and hyrax. They live up to 60 years. There are different societies in world to protect them.

Hamsters Facts

Hamsters belong to a subfamily circadian which contains 25 species.  They are crepuscular animals. Earlier they were known as rodents. They introduced as a pet in 1948 by a highway engineer Albert marsh.

Cockroach Facts

Cockroach belongs to family blattidae and insect species. They are common insects found in human society. There are many different types of cockroaches all over the world like American cockroach, brown-banded cockroach etc.

Hydroelectricity Facts

Hydroelectricity is a type of electricity which is generated from hydro power. To produce electricity from hydro power, gravitational force of falling water is used. It is common renewable energy.

Cigarette Smoking Facts

Smoking is considered as a bad habit due to its worse effects on human health. There are many dangerous chemicals like nicotine which can cause lungs cancer and many other diseases like cardiac diseases.

Minerals Facts

A mineral is the natural inorganic element. It has a crystal formation, chemical composition and orderly structure. There are more then 4,000 naturally occurring minerals.

Philadelphia Facts

Philadelphia is a city in United States. It is the largest city of commonwealth and the fifth populous city in United States. It is a cultural and educational center of country.

Wyoming Facts

Wyoming is a state in United States. It is a land acquired by U.S from France, as a part of the Louisiana Purchase. John Colter , the first white man who entered in this region in 1807. He explored the Yellowstone area there.