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Roses Facts

Rose is the truly considered as the king of flowers and symbol of love in various cultures. This is the marvelous beauty and the lush look of a rose which compel the people to use it for decorative purposes.

Malaria Facts

No doubt, malaria is a treatable disease, but it becomes the life threatening disease in case of not treated at initial stages or leaving untreated. The proof of this claim is a day-by-day increasing percentage of affected people in poor countries and also the increasing rate of deaths cause by this disease.

Heart Attack Facts

Today, the ratio of heart attacks has become much more all over the world due to various reasons. Moreover, the number of death cases due to heart attacks are also not less in numbers.

Identity Theft Facts

Identity theft is a day-by-day increasing crime in the whole world. This is the crime which a person do very technically and its impacts are also very dangerous. If you want to know something more about Identity Theft crime, just read the following facts about identity Theft.

Dogwood Tree Facts

Dogwood tree which is commonly known as a Coruns tree in many parts of the globe is a famous tree thanks to its splendid beauty and awesome blossom. Here are some facts about Dogwood Tree Facts.

Flying Squirrel Facts

There are many species of squirrels present all over the globe. Some of these species are ground squirrels, some are tree squirrels while some are called flying squirrels. Flying squirrels have some interesting myths and facts which could be surprising for somebodies.

Teenage Drinking Facts

The term “Drinking” is commonly used for alcohol drinking habit in most parts of the globe. Of course, alcohol drinking habit is not considered good due to its hazardous effect on human health, but this impression becomes more severe in the case of teenage drinking.

Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs are the insects which are commonly found in the beds of human beings and live on human blood as their diet. These small insects are present all over the world and everyone remain worried about their blood-sucking habit.

Tasmanian Devil Facts

The Tasmanian devil is the name of very famous wild animal of Australia found only in Tasmanian state. These are also categorized in one of the endangered animal species. Here are some interesting facts about Tasmanian devil.

Wetlands Facts

The wetland is the area of land which is soaked with water to make a distinct ecosystem. This is the type of ecosystem which is a beloved living place of animals and best suitable growing area for the plants.

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