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Immune System Facts

Nature has created resistance in the human body, which enables it to fight against germs. The defense system of our body is called as immune system. An active immune system guards our body against micro organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi and saves us from getting an infection.

Yoplait Facts

Yoplait is the brand, which is known for producing yogurt. Initially, it was started by French farmers, late two cooperation yola and coplait merged and the name Yoplait come into existence. Now this company is owned by General mills.

Hammerhead Shark Facts

Hammerhead shark got its name due to unusual structure of its head. The head of this shark is flattened and extended into a hammer shape. These sharks are found almost in all the seas of the world. There are nine species of hammerhead shark in the world.

Rainforest Animals Facts

Rainforest offers a rich habitat to almost all creatures. It is home to the more than half animals of the world. You can find a great verity of creatures here, which range from tiny insects to large mammals.

Arctic Fox Facts

Arctic fox is the member of fox family, which is native to Arctic region and found in Canada, Scandinavia, Greenland and Iceland. It is also called as polar fox or white fox. It has adapted itself to live in the harsh environment of Arctic region.

Orangutans Facts

Orangutans belong to apes family and they are also called as Asian apes. They were native to Indonesia and Malaysia, but now they are present in the forests of Sumatra and Borneo. Their reddish brown color is different from all other members of apes’ family.

Ellis Island Facts

Ellis Island is an island in New York harbor. It was the landing place for millions of immigrants in 19th and 20th century, till 1954. In 1965 this island was made a part of statue of liberty national monument.

German Shepherd Facts

Dog is known as a faithful animal. It is kept as pet in homes. It is used as a spy in military and police departments. Dog competitions are held all over the world and many people took interest in these competitions.

Pine Tree Facts

Pine trees belong to the family of coniferous trees and scientifically it is genus Pinus and family panacea. It is a large family, and there are more than 115 species of this tree in the world.  The oldest pine tree is around 4,800 years old.

Nutella Nutrition Facts

Nutella is a brand name, which we hear commonly. Basically, it is a chocolate hazelnut spread, which was prepared in Italy for the first time. Now it is considered as a sign of healthy breakfast, and used in many countries of the world.

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