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10 Saliva Facts

Human body is made up of different parts and these parts perform their specific functions to keep human body in fit condition to perform daily activities of routine life. Energy is required by humans to survive and they acquire this energy from the le kinds of eatables. These eatables are need to b digested and for this reason human have teeth. But teeth alone cannot digest the food so in order to digest food human body secrete many secretions such as pancreas secrete pancreatic juice. Liver secrete bile similarly to help in the digestion of food human body secrete a secretion which is known as saliva.

1.  Helps in digestion

Saliva softens the food and hard molecules and helps in digestion. It lubricates the food making it easy to swallow.

2. Minimize acidity

Saliva also minimizes the acidity in food and beverages as it is alkaline in nature. In case of vomiting it reduce acidity and protects tooth structure

3. Taste enhancer

Saliva acts like a taste enhancer and it its only due to saliva that we can figure out the taste of a specific eatable and can distinguish between different tastes.

4. Protector of mouth tissues

Saliva protects the tissues of mouth by forming a coat over them and thus we can feel the smooth sensation when we run our tongue over our lips and teeth

5. Fighter against tooth decay

Saliva helps to protect us against vital diseases like tooth decay by not allowing bacteria to multiply and thus acting like an anti bacterial agent

6. Origin of saliva

Saliva is mainly produced by glands which are present in front of our ears , under tongue and lower jaw. 95% of saliva is produced by these glands

7. Diagnostic tool

Saliva is also helpful in diagnosing many diseases. To check stress responses in new borns the cholesterol level in saliva is checked, HIV and hepatitis is also tested with the help of saliva.

8. Important components of saliva

Many important substances are present in Saliva. It contains antibacterial compounds, mucus, electrolytes and different type of enzymes which helps is digestion as well as protection against germs.

9. Prevents blood clotting

In certain animals, saliva also helps to prevent blood coagulation and regulates flow of blood

10. Anti bacterial Agent

Saliva is chemically alkaline and is an efficient anti bacterial agent. It protects mouth from diseases like tooth decay, chronic dry mouth etc.

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