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10 Nervous System Facts

The nervous system of any living organisms is made up by a special kind of cells that are known as neurons. These neurons are responsible for different actions in animals. In fact, they send signals from brain to different parts of body and body or that particular organ, acts accordingly. This is a complex network system of neurons. Here, we are discussing some facts of this amazing system.

1. Number of cells:

There are unlimited numbers of cells in human nervous system, according to an estimate they are more than the stars in Milky Way. In human brain only, there are nearly 100 billion neurons.

2. Control in contrast:

In human, brain control is in contrast i.e. right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and right side of the body is controlled by the left side of brain.

3. Neuron development in children:

The rate of neuron development decrease with the age, as it is almost zero in adults. When a child is developing inside the womb of her mother, the rate of neuron development is 250,000 neurons per minute. At the time of birth, he will have around 10 million nerve cells.

4. Weight of brain:

Weight of brain is different in male and female. In males it is around 1375 g, while in female the weight of brain is around 1275 g. As we grow up, we lose almost one gram of brain weight per year.

5. Active cells:

There are millions of cells in the brain, but at a particular time just 4 % cells are active, while 96 % are in resting phase and act as reserve of brain cells.

6. Largest cell in human body:

As mentioned earlier, neurons are the building blocks of human nervous system. It is an interesting fact that neuron is the largest cell of human body. However, for cell division, it does not undergo the process of mitosis.

7. Connecting cells:

There are 43 pairs of cells, which connect nervous system with other body parts. Twelve pairs are connected with brain while all other are connect with spinal chord.

8. Speed of nervous system

Nervous system has to act very quickly, as other organs respond on its directions. The impulses are transmitted on the speed of 100 meters per second. On the other hand, when an organ sends a message to the brain, its speed is 80 miles per hour.

9. Necessary nutrients for nervous system:

Sodium and potassium ions are necessary for the proper functioning of nervous system. Some vitamins, especially Vitamin B is also considered essential.

10. Spinal chord:

There are 13, 500,000 neurons in human spinal chord.

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