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10 Egyptian Facts

The word “Egyptian” refers to anything related to “Egypt”. It “anything” can be a person, culture, language or any other thing about Egypt. Egypt is a Muslim country situated in North Africa and is surrounded by Mediterranean and red sea. It is one of the oldest and richest, in history and culture, country in the world. But after Arab invasion on Egypt, there was a huge change in cultural and religious aspects because at that time Egyptians became really impressed to Muslim culture and started embracing Islam. This region has preserved the history of almost 5,000 years and still archeologists from all over the world visit there and reveal the unheard and untold stories about culture history and evolution of this piece of land.

1. Egyptian history

Egyptian historic period is divided into several periods among which Pharaoh and Arab periods are most famous. Pharaohs were known for their brutality and cruelty but at the same time they are still known for their infrastructure. They ruled on Egypt since 300 to 525 BC. After that Muslims conquered Egypt and it became a Muslim state.

2. Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are buildings which are, even today, counted as the largest and most complex structured buildings in the world. These pyramids were mostly the tombs of pharaohs. Even today architects and science are unable to understand that how without having modern technology Egyptian slaves carried such heavy rocks even at the top of pyramids??

3. Egyptian language

The language of ancient Egypt was Coptic which is a dead language today and only a few people in this world know about this language. Today’s Egypt’s national language is Egyptian Arabic.

4. Egyptian culture and society

Islam is the national religion of Egypt so Egyptian culture and society (political, economic and other affairs) are highly influenced by Arab culture.

5. Egyptian cities

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Cairo and Alexandria are the world renowned cities and have the great history. Cairo has the Muslim world’s 2nd best university named “Cairo University”. About 80 million people live in these two cities so it can easily be judged that these two cities are the most populated cities in the whole world.

6. Egyptian art work

Modern Arab literature should be thankful to Egyptian poets and authors because they introduced the modern Arab art. In whole Middle East and in some regions of Asia Egyptian films are really praised. Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfooz was the first Arab literature writer who got Nobel Prize. Art of Alora and Ajanta is also world famous.

7. Egyptian museum

Egyptian museum which is situated in Cairo, built in 1902, is one of the world’s greatest museums. It has the extensive amount of ancient Egyptian antiques. The most visited area of the museum is where the preserved bodies of pharaohs are kept.

8. Egyptian music

History tells that pharaohs and other ancient Egyptians were very fond of music. Different pictured designed on ancient Egyptian building show that how important part music played in their culture. The God “Toth” was said to be the creator of music.

9. Egyptian myths

If we say that ancient Egyptians ruled their people on the basis of myths, it would not be wrong. If we study the history of Egypt we would be surprised to know that whole history is prey to myths and mysteries. Like, ancient Egyptians believed that for every purpose there is a God and if he gets angry he would only be made happy by a sacrifice of a human, usually a young and beautiful girl.

10. Egyptian land and religious books

It would be matter of interest for many people to know that the importance and influence of Egyptian land and people can be evidently seen from different religious books like bible, Qur’an and Hebrew also have the pronouncement of Egypt.

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