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10 Bullying Facts

Youth is the time when people are the most active in their lives. New ideas strike minds, and to act upon them at once is the immediate goal to the youngsters. Harmless practical jokes and remarks are the charm of the young age but it turns bad and serious when things reach up to the harassment and maltreatment to other. This is called bullying. Let’s check what facts it keeps.

1. Missing school

It is said that many students miss their school for the fear of their fellows mistreating them. Due to this fear, the direct impact lies on the studies, this is alarming.

2. Sexual harassments

In a study carried out on this topic, it was revealed that about 80 percent of the girls and 70% of the boys are harassed sexually leaving them missing their schools. About 20% of the total maltreatment turned into serious crimes.

3. Schools harbor bullies

The national school safety center of America has surveyed and came up with the results that American school harbor 2.1 million bullies and their 2.7 million victims.

4. Proportion of bullies

The number of bullies has increased to great extant in past few years. A study revealed that every 1 out of seven students is either a bully or a victim.

5. Witnesses

There are 56 percent students in America who have witnessed the bullies harassing other students. To any act, witnesses are required as proof. So, American schools have enough witnesses.

6. Percentage of reporting

There are many incidents which go un-reported. This encourages wicked people to act more freely and without fear. But in schools, 71 percent students report bullying.

7. Keeping gun

With the passage of time and with the personal enmity growing among students, students now even keep guns. 1 out of twenty students have seen bullies with guns.

8. Mean behavior

The mean behavior of the students is not limited to America only. The mean behavior is a global issue of students. From kindergarten to high schools, students are either victims or bullies.

9. Serious issue

The bullying is growing to be the serious issue day by day. The harmless jokes that were the beauty of the student life once are now turning extremely harmful. Many students fall prey to the wicked jokes and meanness of their fellow students.

10. Parental help

More than anything else, the party who can help their kids is the parents. Both bullies and the victims can get the most of the help from their parents. So the greater responsibility lies on the parents.

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