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Immune System Facts

Nature has created resistance in the human body, which enables it to fight against germs. The defense system of our body is called as immune system. An active immune system guards our body against micro organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi and saves us from getting an infection.

Muscles Facts

Muscles are very important part of body. They allow us to move and perform our daily functions. Without some muscles, like cardiac muscles, existence of life is not possible. Human body muscles are of many types.

Bones Facts

Bones are the parts of our body that build up the structure of our body, make our skeleton, support and protect our body organs. Without bones, we cannot do anything like moving, eating etc. You can say that bones are responsible for all our body functions.

Teeth Facts

Teeth are white structures that consist of calcium containing hard tissues and are found in the jaws of human beings and animals. Almost all vertebrates contain teeth to chew the food.

10 Lung Facts

Human body is made up of cells and these cells combine together to make up tissues. These tissues make organs which perform different functions in our body. There are many organs in the human body which perform their specific functions and are used to regulate the system of the body.

10 Adoption Facts

There are many such people all over the world, who have no their own kids due to infertility or any other reason. A majority of these people adopt such children, who have either not alive parents or cannot live at their own homes due to some personal problems of their parents.

10 Respiratory System Facts

Human body is made up of cells which make tissues. Tissues join up together to form organs and these organs make up a system. There are many systems in our body like digestive system, urinal system, respiratory system etc. These systems are made to make the working of body more efficient.

10 Skeletal System Facts

Human body is made up of bones, muscles and tissues. Bones make a frame structure in which muscles are attached. There are also other tissues such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage that connect tissues with one another. Skelton system acts like a supportive mechanism and make it possible to move our body and it forms structure of the human body.

10 Saliva Facts

Human body is made up of different parts and these parts perform their specific functions to keep human body in fit condition to perform daily activities of routine life. Energy is required by humans to survive and they acquire this energy from the le kinds of eatables.

10 Nervous System Facts

The nervous system of any living organisms is made up by a special kind of cells that are known as neurons. These neurons are responsible for different actions in animals. In fact, they send signals from brain to different parts of body and body or that particular organ, acts accordingly.

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