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Healthy Eating Facts

Healthy eating is the term which includes various habits and lifestyles to lead a healthy and happy life. Well, the thing to consider adopting healthy eating habits to stay away from diseases.

Hand washing Facts

Personal hygiene is important for a healthy lifestyle. Many things are important in this regard, but most important is the hand washing. It is a common habit, but if people adopt it properly it can reduce the spread of infectious diseases to a large extent.

Smokeless Tobacco Facts

Use of tobacco is associated with smoke, which is harmful not for the active smokers but for the passive smokers as well. With the advancement of technology, now we have smokeless tobacco. It means, these are tobacco products but there is no smoke.

Chewing Tobacco Facts

Chewing Tobacco is a type of tobacco that is consumed by smoking like in cigarettes, so it is also called smokeless tobacco. It is available in loose leaf, plug, bits and twist form. Consuming tobacco by chewing relates to very old history rather than new.

Hygiene Facts

The term “Hygiene” refers to the set of practices that are employed either personally or professionally for staying safe from diseases and to lead healthy life as well. In fact, the word simply means cleanliness of body to avoid attacks by germs.

Ecstasy Facts

There are various kinds of drugs found in the world. They have different side effects on human health. Ecstasy is also a synthetic drug used widely that has diverse effects upon human health. Here are some facts about Ecstasy.

10 Organ Donation And Donor Facts

Accidents are common parts of our routine life and sometimes the result comes out in very severe injury like damage of any organ. In this case, the patient needs organ and organ donor are the persons, who donate the required organ to injured person willingly.

10 Childhood Obesity Facts

Children are like flowers of nature. The child needs proper attention and care to protect them against diseases as they are weak and vulnerable. Some diseases are quite clear and visible to parents like fever and cough etc and they do proper treatment for such diseases but there are also some diseases which affect the child’s health in a bad way and the worst part is that parents did not came to know about these diseases.

10 Digestive System Facts

The food we eat must have to digest in our body; if it doesn’t, we can die. The digestive system digests our food and converts that into blood and that blood is provided to the cells of our body. Vitamins and other minerals, proteins etc that are carried by our food reach to their destination properly with the help of digestive system.

10 Medical Facts

The word “medical” is usually used for science of medicine and for treatment of any physical injuries or illnesses. Today this word is used as a replacement of medical studies or medical treatment. Medical has played a great role in determining the modern day’s man status in the world.

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