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Arctic Wolf Facts

Arctic wolf is a mammal, which is sub specie of a gray wolf. They live in those areas, where surface of the earth is permanently frozen, only few species of animals can survive in such harsh environments. Usually, they are white in color and have thick coat. They live in group of 6 wolves. Here are some facts about Arctic Wolf.

  1. Lifespan: Life span of arctic wolf is not very long. In natural environment they can live for nearly 7 years. However, in captivity they can live as long as 20 years.
  2. Physical appearance: Arctic wolves are smaller than gray wolves and they also have smaller ears. Their legs are also short and they are less exposed to freezing air.
  3. Diet: Arctic wolves are carnivores and they feed on other animals. Usually they depend on Arctic foxes, seals, musk oxen and arctic hares. They can also eat nesting birds, lemmings and ptarmigan.
  4. Habitat: They are found in arctic region, we can see them in North America continent and near the North Pole. They are also found in eastern and northern shores of Greenland.
  5. Predators: Like any other animal, arctic wolves also have predators. Polar bears and other wolves are their predators. Humans are also a threat for arctic wolves.

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