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10 Octopus Facts

Octopuses are one of the intelligent sea creatures. They have eight feet and for this visible characteristic they have given this name, which is a Greek word. This sea creature can vary in sizes. Many people eat them alive because they consider it a great source of energy, in this experiment many people died too. The most popular octopus that died recently was the one that predicted the 2010 fifa football world cup match winners. There are many horrible stories attached with them being sea monsters and eating up the whole ship. Whether they are true are not is another debate, the facts given below genuine and can be believed.

1. Invertebrates

Octopus is an invertebrate. It does not have any bone in its body except the beak like that of a parrot which is the only hard thing in its body. Due to boneless structure, octopus can squeeze into any narrow space.

2. Age

Different octopuses have different life span. A small octopus lives shorter than the big one.

3. Live below

Octopuses do not live on the surface but they dive deep down to the sea bed and live there. However their young hatched from eggs do swim on the surface for a month after their birth and then follow their parents.

4. Homes

Octopuses form their houses in the holes in the rocks found in the sea. Some species of octopus pill up the rocks to make their homes.

5. Three hearts

One of the most interesting things to know about octopuses is that they have three hearts. Two hearts pump blood from the gills while the third blood pumps the blood to the rest of the body. they have three hearts due to the structure of their body.

6. Blood color

Another thing to know about octopus is that is blood color is different from that of the other living creatures. They have blue color blood.

7. Predators

Octopuses are predators. Despite of their flexible body and boneless structure they kill their prey. They have opening in their 8 legs that catch the prey and do not leave it. The grip of octopus is deadly.

8. Stealth

The octopus have the built in stealth technology to hunt. They take up the color of the place they stay and wait for the prey. As soon as their prey arrives they attack at once.

9. Death

The male octopus dies after a few months of mating. The female octopus dies soon after hatching eggs.

10. Pets

There are many people who have kept them as pets. But to keep them as pets is sometimes difficult because they can escape due to their flexible bodies.

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