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Pacific Ocean Facts

Pacific ocean is the largest ocean on planet earth. It is located between the America, Asia and Australian continents. Presence of equator divides this ocean into North pacific ocean and South Pacific ocean. Here are a few facts about Pacific ocean.

  1. Size: As mentioned earlier, Pacific ocean is the largest ocean. It covers the 30% of the earth's surface. It covers the half water area of earth. All the continents are smaller than this ocean.
  2. Depth: It is the deepest ocean in the world, as it has deep trenches. The average depth of the pacific ocean is 3,800 meters.
  3. Ring of Fire: Nearly 75% of volcanoes on this Earth are located in the Pacific Ocean basin, so it is called as home of volcanoes. It is also called as a ring of fire, due to the presence of these volcanoes.
  4. Temperature: As it is a large ocean so temperature varies according to the location. Near the equator, you can find 30 C, while the lowest temperature in the Pacific is -2 C.
  5. Island: Majority of the islands in this world are present in the Pacific ocean. More than 25,000 islands are found in the Pacific ocean. Most of these islands are present in Southern part of the ocean, near the equator.

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