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10 Civil War Facts

Wars claim lives. Wars are not liked by many in the society and with the passage of time with the development of new and dangerous weapons, wars are the most haunted of all the horrors. Wars, when broke, not only take lives but also take decisive steps towards one group giving the losses and the humiliation to the other group. Same happened in civil war. Below are given some facts about it.

1. The population of America in 1860

 As per the U. S. Census, the population of the United States in 1860 was 31,443,321. Of these people, approximately 23,000,000 were in the twenty two Northern states and 9,000,000 in the 11 Southern states. The total of 3,500,000 was slaves in southern states.

2. Northern and Southern Armies

At the time of war, the Northern armies numbered 2,100,000 soldiers. The Southern armies were smaller in number than the northern army.  500,000 people died on both sides in the civil war.

3. Union side deaths

Total 364,000 people on the Union side lost their lives. One third of these people were either killed or died of wounds while the other three fourth died due to disease.

4. Chances of surviving a wound

In civil war day, the chances of surviving a wound were 1 out of 7 wounded people. in Korean war only 1 out of 50 survived.

5. Percentage of survival

In civil war only 15 percent people survived the wound.

5. Sickened twice

There were 6,000,000 cases registered in during the war. These were the cases of ill people. This means that during the war day, every person fell sick at least twice. This is an interesting fact about the civil war days.

6. Most common diseases that time

The diseases most prevalent in the civil war days were dysentery, typhoid fever, malaria, pneumonia, arthritis, and the acute diseases of childhood, such as measles, mumps, and malnutrition. These diseases broke due to the inadequate resources and food and water. This was a horrible picture of civil war days.

7. Single-shot, muzzle-loading rifle

This was the weapon carried by the foot soldiers in the civil war days. In those days this was considered the deadliest weapon. It caused a total of 80 percent of the total wounds.  

8. The deadly elongated bullet and Minie ball

Most of the wounds caused were because of the deadly elongated bullet. This was made of soft lead. The bullet was pointed at one end and was hollow at the other end. The second dangerous thing was the Minie ball created by Capt. Minie’ of the French army.

9. Soldier’s carriage

Fully armed soldier carried about seven pounds of ammunition. His cartridge box contained 40 rounds. An additional 60 rounds were conveyed in the pocket if an extensive battle was anticipated.

10. The deadly muzzle rifle

The deadly muzzle-loading rifle could be loaded three times a minute and its maximum range was about 1000 yards.

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