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Crystals Facts

The world is filled up with large number of crystalline materials like diamonds, quartz and snowflakes. The role of crystalline materials in our life is very important. Here are some interesting facts about crystals.

1. Definition

Crystals are such solid materials in which atoms and molecules are necessarily arranged in regular or well-defined and repeating pattern. All crystals have a common specialized feature which is the flat surfaces of surfaces. Salt crystals, diamond, rubies, emeralds, snowflakes and quartz are some common types of crystals.

2. Crystallization

Crystallization is the name of crystal formation process which occurs naturally. In crystallization process, the liquid cool down and then solidify slowly. If the rate of solidification is such that, the molecules and atoms arrange themselves in regular pattern, the resultant substance is called crystal.

3. Shapes of Crystals

The liquid could solidify in either shape during crystallization, but the common shapes of crystals are seven. These shapes are trigonal, hexagonal, cubic, triclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal and monoclinic.

4. Rocks

Rocks are the largest naturally existing example of crystals. Rocks are mostly formed by cooling down and slowly solidifying the magma.

5. Diamonds

Diamonds are an interesting example of crystals, as they consist of only one molecule made by repetitive orientation of lots of atoms.

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