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Neil Armstrong Facts

Neil Alden Armstrong was born on 5th August, 1930. He was an American astronaut and aerospace engineer. He is known as the first person who set foot upon the moon. He served United States’ Navy in Korean War. Here are some interesting facts about this great astronaut.

1. Educational Career

Armstrong got his Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in Aeronautical engineer. Later, he earned his master’s degree from University of Southern California in Aerospace engineering. He was also awarded with many honorary degrees from different universities.

2. An expert pilot

Neil Armstrong served in Korean War as a pilot; he flew 78 missions during the war. He was an expert pilot as he flew more than 200 different types of aircrafts during his life.

3. Medals

During his long years of service, he got many medals including, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, the Congressional Gold Medal, The Presidential Medal of Freedom and Robert J. Collier Trophy.

4. Space missions

In first mission was in March 1966, which was called as Gemini 8 Missions. He was the first person who docked two spacecrafts in space. He was the first man, who touched the surface of moon, this mission was in Apollo II space craft.

5. Personal life

Neil got married twice. He got divorce from his first wife in 1994, after 38 years of marriage. In the same year, he married again.

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