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Henry Hudson Facts

Henry Hudson was a famous English seas explorer; he was born in 1500s and is known for navigating around the New York for four times, as he was trying to find a path to Asia. Many bays are named after him and he is remembered as a great sea man. Here are some facts about Henry Hudson.

Chihuahuas Facts

There are different species of dogs in the world. The Chihuahuas is the smallest of all dog breads and is also called as toy dog due to its small size. Here are some interesting facts about Chihuahuas.

Skin Cancer Facts

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in many countries like United States. More than 3 million people diagnosed with skin cancer all over the world, in a year. Out of every five American one America gets skin cancer once in his life time. Kids also suffer from this disease. Here are some eye opening facts about skin cancer.

Rocky Mountains Facts

Rocky Mountains are present between the Canada and United States. They are nearly 14,000 feet high are a great source of attraction for the mountaineers, tourists and researchers from all over the world. National parks have been established by the Canada and US on bother sides to protect these mighty mountains.

Barn owl facts

There are different species of own in the world and barn owls are one of the most famous ones. They are different than the common owl species and unlike common owls they screech. Here are some common facts about barn owl.

Narwhal Facts

Narwhal is a medium sized whale, which is toothed whale. It is found in the Arctic Ocean. These whales are migrating whales and are found in Canada and Greenland. These whales are slow swimmers but if a predator is chasing a Narwhal, it swims really fast. Here are some interesting facts about Narwhal facts.

Vikings Facts

Viking was the tribe in history. They were the traders and attackers. They were use to travel in long very low boast and were use to attack the people on the shores, silently. They are very important part of history and many cultures are influenced by them.

Hoover Dam Facts

Hoover Dam is a concrete dam in the Colorado River in United States. It is between the Arizona and Nevada two states of United States. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936. It is called as Hoover dam as President Herbert Hoover worked hard for the construction of this dam. Here are some facts about Hoover dam.

Whale Shark Facts

Whale sharks are world’s largest fish and a great source of attraction for the people around the world. Kids are more curious to know about this. Here are some interesting facts about this giant mammal.

Porcupine Facts

Porcupine is an interesting and amazing animal that is best known for its long spikes around its upper part of body. It is also known as quill pig that is its typical American name as well. Here are some interesting facts about porcupine.

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