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Pine Tree Facts

Pine trees belong to the family of coniferous trees and scientifically it is genus Pinus and family panacea. It is a large family, and there are more than 115 species of this tree in the world.  The oldest pine tree is around 4,800 years old. Here are some facts about pine tree.

1. Length

Pine tree are really tall. Majority of them grow from 15 to 45 meters in length. Some tall verities grow even 80 meters long.

2. Christmas tree

Pine trees are famous for their Christmas spirit. They are decorated all over the world as Christmas trees. Moreover, they are used as ornamental plants in lawns.

3. Types of pines

There are many types of pines trees. Some famous ones are Pines, Larches, Spruces, foxtail pines, shortleaf pines, stone pines, white pines, bristlecone pines etc.

4. Reproduction

Pine trees reproduce from seeds in a cone. It is the only verity of tree in the world, which reproduce in such fashion. Other tress have other methods of reproduction.

5. Spread

Pines trees are a successful species of trees. Pine trees are present almost all over the world. They grow in six continents. They can grow in all soils. They need sun light and very little water for their growth.

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