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Kilauea Volcano Facts

The world’s most active and second youngest volcano which is located in big island of Hawaii is called Kilauea volcano. There are recorded eruptions from this highly active volcano in the recent years. Here are some interesting facts about Kilauea volcano.

1. Location

Kilauea volcano is located in the southeastern region of big island Hawaii. According to its view, it looks a part of another volcano Mauna Loa, but geologically it is a separate volcano with its own conduit system and vent.

2. Shield-Type Volcano

Kilauea volcano is also called a shield-type volcano, as it stretches out on a curving line of volcanoes and built complete lava which flows.

3. First Recorder Eruption

It is estimated that eruptions from Kilauea volcano were produced since thousands of years ago. However, the first recorded eruption was January 1983 and after that a continuous series of eruptions are recorded.

4. Latest Eruption

The latest eruption of Kilauea volcano was observed in January, 2011 in which 3.5 cubic km lava was produced which damaged 213 structures.

5. Tourism Place

At present, Kilauea volcano has become a famous and one of the most visited tourism places, but the trend of visiting this place was started on 1940.

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