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Caterpillar Facts

Caterpillar is an insect but actually it is a stage in the life of butterflies and moths. This stage is also called as larval stage. Skin of caterpillar shed many times through the process of development of insect. Here are some facts about caterpillars.

  1. Life span: Life span of a caterpillar is usually 3 to 4 weeks before it enters in the next stage, which is called pupation. However, variation can be seen in some animals.
  2. Physical appearance: They have no bones but they have more than one thousand muscles. Usually 3 pairs of legs and 5 pairs of pro legs are present in caterpillars. They have the senses of touch, smell and taste.
  3. Diet: Usually caterpillars are herbivores and they feed on leaves. However, they can eat other parts of plants as well. Fungi, other caterpillars and dead animals are also part of their food.
  4. Habitat: caterpillars are found in almost every environment, sandy beaches, mountains and forests, they are found all around the world. Caterpillars are also found in arctic areas.
  5. Threats: Caterpillars also face different threats like birds and parasites, but biggest threats for them are wasps. Human can also damage them, unknowingly.

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