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10 Grasslands Facts

The exact definition of grasslands is that these are such areas that are blessed with greenery in the form of grasses and forbs, but having no trees or only a few ones. Being enriched with grasses, this is an ideal place for grazing animals. You can estimate the importance of grasslands by this fact that one quarter of earth’s land is occupied by grasslands. You can see grasslands everywhere in whole globe, except only one continent known as Antarctica. Here are some more cool facts about grasslands.

1. Different Names

You have no need to confuse in case of hearing different names of grasslands in different parts of the world. Just remember these names that are the synonyms of grasslands in different languages. South Americans call grasslands as pampas and Africans as savannas. Similarly, in Midway US these are called prairies and grasslands in central Eurasian, these are known as steppes.

2. Types of Grasslands

There are two major types of grasslands. One is called tropical grasslands and the other is known as temperate grasslands.

3. Tropical Grasslands

Southern hemisphere is the area of tropical grasslands. In terms of season, these tropical grasslands behave in different manner. In rainy season, these grasslands show excellent growth as compared to dry season, in which they do not grow up in well manner.

4. Temperate Grasslands

Northern hemisphere is the area of temperate grasslands. The grass of temperate grasslands is smaller in size as compared to tropical ones. There are also two types of seasons for these grasslands, the growing season and the dormant one. Temperate grasslands do not show any growth during the dormant season.

5. Inhabitants of Tropical grasslands

Tropical grassland is an ideal living place for large animals due to its too much height of grass. The height of grass in tropical grasslands can reach up to seven feet and this is the land, where large number animals like lions, elephants etc. like to reside.

6. Inhabitants of Temperate grasslands

Temperate grasslands have very fertile land that is a very suitable place small animals like rabbits, snakes and mice.

7. Effect of Grassland

The impact of rainy season can be seen everywhere in grasslands, they become enriched with flowers. Some species of these flowers also have ability to survive even in dry season due to their thick stems that are full with water.

8. Bulbous Plants

Bulbous plants are the dominating species of grassland vegetation.

9. Difference in Height

We can see much difference in height of vegetation of various grasslands. The vegetation in Chalk down land can be as smaller as 30 cm or can be much higher like prairie grass in North America region.

10. Most Useful Habitat

Grasslands are truly considered as the most useful habitat and are the perfect places for pastures and croplands thanks to their fertility.

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