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10 Fungi Facts

Man is very well facilitated on earth. He has everything he needs to survive provided by nature. Food supplements, vegetables, fruits, water all are already present here to serve mankind. There are trees which produce oxygen and are main cause of the survival of human beings as well as animals on planet earth. There are some other things which are often mistook as plants, but in reality they are not plants. One of such things is Fungi or commonly known as fungus. The fungi or fungus is of many types. Most commonly known type of fungus to us is that which grows on damp bread pieces or in our swimming pools. Here are few interesting facts which will distinguish fungi from plants as well as tells us about the importance of fungi. These facts will create a prominent significance of fungi in our minds.

1. Classification

Fungi were at first placed in plant kingdom according to binomial system but later on they are placed in their separate own grouping “Fungi”.

2. Main differences from plant

There are many differences between fungi and plants but the main difference is that plants have chlorophyll whereas fungi lack chlorophyll.

3. Size

The size of fungi is microscopic as well as macroscopic, microscopic fungi include hyphens while macroscopic fungi consist of mushrooms.

4. Reproduction

The fungi reproduce with the help of the chemical called pheromones.  In fungi, mostly asexual reproduction takes place.

5. Industrial use

Fungi is also used in the production of beverages, beer, wine etc. fungi are the big source for citric acid which is used in cold drinks.

6. Food

Some fungi are also used as food. It is also used to ripe in the making of cheese and some other baked products.

7. Medicine

Fungus is also used as medicine. It is used as antibiotic and against allergy. Common example is penicillium.

8. Fertility

Fungus increases the fertility of the soil as they expires nitrogen in air. These fungi do not allow other plant harming bodies to grow and acts like a bodyguard.

9. Fatal and dangerous

Some fungi are fatal and dangerous for the life of humans as well as plants. Some fungi are poisonous and can cause instant death while parasitic fungi harm plants.

10. Environment friendly

In rivers and streams the plant debris increases carbon dioxide ratio than nitrogen. Aquatic fungi help to stable this ratio and balance it by giving nitrogen in air and balancing the ratio.

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