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Hand washing Facts

Personal hygiene is important for a healthy lifestyle. Many things are important in this regard, but most important is the hand washing. It is a common habit, but if people adopt it properly it can reduce the spread of infectious diseases to a large extent. Here are some facts about hand washing.

  1. Infectious disease: According to a report, if people around the world wash their hands properly, spread of more than 80% infectious diseases can be controlled without taking any extra measures.
  2. Time for hand washing: researches say that a person should wash hands for at least 15 seconds. Washing hands for 30 seconds reduces the germ count for another 10%.
  3. Ignored areas during hand washing: It is considered that back of the hand, skin near and under the nails and space between the fingers is often neglected during hand washing.
  4. Hand washing percentage: according to a survey around 90% of people claim that they wash their hands, after using the washroom, but actually the number is around 65%.
  5. Proper method of hand washing: Hands should be washed with running water and with a soup, after washing tap should be closed with a paper towel. Hands should be dried with a towel and lotion should be applied to hands frequently.

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