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Ocean Pollution Facts

There are different types of pollution; one of them is Ocean pollution. Ocean pollution is not limited to oceans, it affects the marine life and in return it affects the human health. Here are some eye opening facts about ocean pollution.

Pacific Ocean Facts

Pacific ocean is the largest ocean on planet earth. It is located between the America, Asia and Australian continents. Presence of equator divides this ocean into North pacific ocean and South Pacific ocean.

Unbelievable Facts

The world is so large and we have so many things, some of them are quite strange. Some facts are interesting, while others are unbelievable. Here, we are mentioning some unbelievable facts.

DUI facts

Dui stands for Driving Under the influence. This term is used when a person is driving after taken some alcoholic beverage, like beer or any similar things. Taking these drinking can disturb the attention required for driving and a person can risk not only his own life but other’s too.

Hoover Dam Facts

Hoover Dam is a concrete dam in the Colorado River in United States. It is between the Arizona and Nevada two states of United States. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936. It is called as Hoover dam as President Herbert Hoover worked hard for the construction of this dam. Here are some facts about Hoover dam.

Ontario facts

Ontario is the second largest province in Canada. It is home of one third population of Canada. Forestry and mining are popular occupations in Northern part of the province. Southern part is mostly industrialized. Here are some facts about this province of Canada.

Pompeii Facts

Pompeii is an old city which was buried million of years ago. It was an old roman city, which is near Naples now a day. Many stories and myths are associated with this old city. Here are some facts about Pompeii.

Ellis Island Facts

Ellis Island is an island in New York harbor. It was the landing place for millions of immigrants in 19th and 20th century, till 1954. In 1965 this island was made a part of statue of liberty national monument.

Caribbean Facts

A group of island, which separates Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, is called Caribbean. These islands are in the shape of crescent and stretched on 2,000 miles approximately. They are different and unique in their culture, flora and fauna.

Galapagos Islands Facts

Galapagos Islands are volcanic island, present around the equator in Pacific Ocean. They are situated in west of Ecuador, at the distance of 972 Km. Galapagos islands are famous for the verities of finch, which are studied by the great scientist Charles Darwin.

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