Did You Know – Facts Facts You Need to Know

Geothermal Energy Facts

Geothermal energy is a form of natural energy. Interior of earth is hot and water of some springs get heated due to this heat, this is called as geothermal energy. It can be used as a great source of energy for doing various things.

Nuclear Power Facts

When nuclear reaction is controlled, nuclear power is generated. In USA, nuclear power contributes 20% of the electricity. Many citizens utilize it daily. During the control process of nuclear fission chain reaction the heat is generated which works like power.

10 Wind Turbine Facts

The natural resources of energy are going to reach extinction very fast. This is a bad news for the world so they think tanks are focusing on those resources to produce energy to meet the needs. One way of producing energy is by using wind.

10 Solar Panel Facts

Solar panel is a unit that saves and uses the energy extracted from sun.  a typical solar panel is made up of the combination of different solar cells. As the solar panel is replacement of hydro power unit or wind energy unit; so it’s produced energy is equally useful for all electric or non electric appliances like cars, batteries, TV’s, radio, calculators etc.

10 Computer Facts

Computer is without doubt and dispute, the human’s best invention. All the rapid advancement is the technology and other fields is mostly due to this invention. Computer is not only a useful machine but it also helps us to complete a task in few minutes which otherwise takes hours to complete. Computer is based on the mechanical and mathematical facts and it was basically to compute and calculate. With the passage of time, computer’s use was started in every field of life, today no matter what field are you in, and you will see a computer placed on your desk because without it, nothing can be done fast as required.

10 Recycling Facts

Waste materials, either domestic or industrial, are a major cause of environment pollution as well as excess energy consumption. In this regard, recycling of waste materials has come in front as an efficient solution of all these losses.