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10 Basketball Facts

Basket ball is an interesting and one of the most widely viewing sports all over the world. This is the games in which two teams in front of each other try to throw a basketball in the basketball hoop of the opponent team.

10 Baseball Facts

Baseball is no doubt, one of most widely playing sports all over the world. in fact, this is such type of game, in which nine players present in each team and play this game with the help of bat and ball.

10 World Cup Facts

World cup is an internationally recognized event of ant game like cricket, hockey or foot ball etc. most important are football and cricket world cup having followers from all over the world.

10 Soccer Facts

Soccer is the most famous sport in the world and known as football in all other parts of the world, this game is called soccer in America. Soccer was started in England in 1863. In the 19th century, the rugby styled football and soccer used to think as one because they had many similarities. But then the dispute began because the fans and professionals of both games did not find a common point in regulating the games. Both thought of having different regulations which caused the split in the games hence rugby took its way out of soccer.

10 Football Facts

Football is one of the most loved and liked games in the world. People wait for the FIFA world cup and this is considered as one of the biggest events of the sports world. It was once a game of Europe and then the fire of the taste of this game spread in Africa and now this fire has reached Asia too.