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Planet Jupiter Facts

Our solar system has many planets and Jupiter is one of them. It is named after the Roman king. It is the largest planet in the system. It is made of helium and hydrogen, mostly. Many space crafts from the earth has visited Jupiter.

Planet Earth Facts

Earth is the third planet in eight planets of Solar system. It is the fifth largest and densest planet as well. It is also called as Blue planet, due to the presence of water on this planet. It is only planet which has life on it. Earth has only one natural satellite, called as moon. Here are some interesting facts about planet earth.

10 Interesting Planet Facts

Our solar system is not only amazing but also mysterious. The objects circling sun have specified and defined ways and orbits and not even for once the balance is disturbed in the solar system. If this balance ever disturbed for any reason, we will be no more and this solar system will be destroyed.

10 Neptune Facts

Neptune is the last of our planets and comes before the dwarf planet Pluto. Is it far away from sun hence it is a frozen planet. It is said that the atmosphere of Neptune is rich is carbon and nitrogen so the surface of this planet is covered with diamonds.

10 Venus Facts

Every beauty conscious knows one thing and that is about the Venus. Venus is the brightest star on our sky. It is actually the big planet of our solar system but it is the brightest of all. Venus got its name from the roman goddess Venus, she represented love and beauty.

10 Sun Facts

Sun is a huge shining star, when seen from outside the solar system. Inside the solar system, it’s the center around which planets are orbiting. Sun was created at the time of birth of our universe.

10 Pluto Facts

Pluto used to be a planet of our solar system once. It is the farthest object to the sun of our solar system. It was excluded from the solar system based on many facts and figures that were not letting Pluto to rest in the planet category.

10 Mercury Facts

Planet mercury was named after the roman god of commerce, travel and thievery. This is the first planet in our solar system. Mercury is also the second smallest planet in our system. It is so small that if earth was of the size of baseball than mercury was the size of golf ball, means much smaller.

10 Saturn Facts

Our solar system has eight planets of variable sizes. Similarly they have different climates, and temperatures. Some of them look amazing and have interesting characteristics as well.

10 Mars Facts

Mars is one of the most known planets of our solar system. It is also name of the roman god of war. Mars still enjoys the same status that is, war and power in the modern day zodiac. Even in dreams, seeing mars means the power and fight.