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Vin Diesel Facts

Vin Diesel is the name of famous American Artist who is a writer, director and producer at the same time. Many famous Hollywood movies are on his credit and he is also the hero of many video games.

Nelson Mandela Facts

Nelson Mandela is one of the most famous people of the world. He was imprisoned for many years but still he held a political position. He was the winner of Nobel Prize in 1993.

Henry Hudson Facts

Henry Hudson was a famous English seas explorer; he was born in 1500s and is known for navigating around the New York for four times, as he was trying to find a path to Asia. Many bays are named after him and he is remembered as a great sea man. Here are some facts about Henry Hudson.

Lady Gaga Facts

Lady Gaga is an American Singer. She is born in New York and worked as song writer. She is known for her fashion and unique appearances on the stage. She has won many awards in her career and is known as one of the most influential people.

Neil Armstrong Facts

Neil Alden Armstrong was born on 5th August, 1930. He was an American astronaut and aerospace engineer. He is known as the first person who set foot upon the moon. He served United States’ Navy in Korean War. Here are some interesting facts about this great astronaut.

Henry Ford Facts

Henry ford was an American industrialist, who was born in 1863. He was the founder of Ford Motor Company.  His approach brought a revolution in the transportation industry of United States. He was one of the richest and famous people of the world.

Babe Ruth Facts

Babe Ruth is the American baseball player. George Herman Ruth Jr. is the real name of the player. He played for major league baseball for 22 years. He remained members of three teams and was known for his hitting brilliance.