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Caterpillar Facts

Caterpillar is an insect but actually it is a stage in the life of butterflies and moths. This stage is also called as larval stage. Skin of caterpillar shed many times through the process of development of insect. Here are some facts about caterpillars.

Kilauea Volcano Facts

The world’s most active and second youngest volcano which is located in big island of Hawaii is called Kilauea volcano. There are recorded eruptions from this highly active volcano in the recent years.

Dogwood Tree Facts

Dogwood tree which is commonly known as a Coruns tree in many parts of the globe is a famous tree thanks to its splendid beauty and awesome blossom. Here are some facts about Dogwood Tree Facts.

Wetlands Facts

The wetland is the area of land which is soaked with water to make a distinct ecosystem. This is the type of ecosystem which is a beloved living place of animals and best suitable growing area for the plants.

Nicotine Facts

Nicotine is a natural substance, which is present in different things. However, it is really addictive if constantly consumed. It can cause damage to human health and have some serious health impacts. It is widely used in the form of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Here are some interesting facts about Nicotine.

Blizzards Facts

A severe snowstorm along with high winds and cold temperature is called as a blizzard. Its duration is usually more than 3 hours and visibility is less than ¼ miles. It can be caused by falling snow or just blowing snow. Here are some facts about Blizzards.

Plankton Facts

Planktons are small organisms that live in water and play a vital role in completion of food chain. These organisms are the best food source for marine animals and we cannot imagine marine life without existence of planktons.

Rocky Mountains Facts

Rocky Mountains are present between the Canada and United States. They are nearly 14,000 feet high are a great source of attraction for the mountaineers, tourists and researchers from all over the world. National parks have been established by the Canada and US on bother sides to protect these mighty mountains.

Igneous Rocks Facts

There are three kinds of rocks, which make the crust of earth; igneous rocks are one of them. There are more than 700 types of igneous rocks and majority of these rocks forms inside the earth crust. Igneous rocks can also form as a result of crystallization. Here are some facts about igneous rocks.

Glaciers Facts

A large persistent body of thick ice is called as glacier. They come into existence due to accumulation of snow over the period of many years, sometimes centuries. A glacier can slowly flow and deform, due to excessive weight of snow.

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