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Vikings Facts

Viking was the tribe in history. They were the traders and attackers. They were use to travel in long very low boast and were use to attack the people on the shores, silently. They are very important part of history and many cultures are influenced by them.

Jamestown Facts

In the past England had many colonies and James town was one of them, most probably the first of them. It was established by the King James I, so it is called as James town. It was established in 1607.

Pocahontas Facts

Pocahontas is a historic character. She was a Virginia Indian, who was born in 1595. She had strong association with colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. She was the daughter of the chief of tribal nations. She is known for saving the life of an Englishman, John Smith.

Mummies Facts

The mystery of mummies is not new for everyone. The ancient Egyptian mummies are very famous all over the world and people are still confusing about the preserved bodies of human beings and animals in the form of mummies.

Woodrow Wilson Facts

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of United States of America and a well-known personality as well. During his career as president of United States, he did many remarkable and revolutionary works.

Berlin Wall Facts

Berlin Wall also called “Iron Curtain” was a construction in the form of combination of walls, watch towers and trenches. This Wall was constructed to divide Eastern Berlin from Western Berlin and remained a questionable mark till the time of its demolition.

Mozart Facts

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or simply Mozart was the name of truly great composer and musician of classical era. Anybody who has a little bit interest in classical music, cannot deny the remarkable work of Mozart.

Coral Castle Facts

Coral Castle, one of the most astonishing and incredible structures of the world, is situated in small city of Florida. In fact, it is a love memorial that Edward Leedskalnin made after jilted from his girlfriend.  The building material of this splendid structure is coral limestone.

Chichen Itza Facts

Chichen Itza, an ancient archeologist site, is located in Mexican State of Yucataan. Chichen Itza was the center of Maya civilization and a pre-Colombian city as well. it is one of the most visiting place in Mexico and lots of people come here to see the ruins of this ancient city, every year.

Easter Island Facts

Eater Island that is also called Rapa Nui is an isolated land in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Today, this beautiful piece of land is the territory of Chile. Thousands of people come here to see the great attraction of Ester Island that is the series of Moai statues.

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