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Pistachio Nutrition Facts

Pistachio is a nut and its scientific name is Pistacia Vera. It belongs to Anacardiaceae family. Pistachio is known for its nutritional value and health benefits. They grow to a medium size bushy tree, which are deciduous.

Yoplait Facts

Yoplait is the brand, which is known for producing yogurt. Initially, it was started by French farmers, late two cooperation yola and coplait merged and the name Yoplait come into existence. Now this company is owned by General mills.

Activia Nutrition Facts

Activia is a product of Danone, a French food processing company that is known as Dannon in United States, in the form of yogurt. The company claims this yogurt highly beneficial for health due to being enriched with nutrition.

Corn Syrup Facts

High fructose corn syrup is widely using product of beverage industry. It is a natural sweetener which is safe and adorable. It is used in many types of desserts and also an essential ingredients of many tasty food recipes.

KFC Nutrition Facts

KFC is abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is very famous fast food chain. It was started from United States and now it has been established in different countries.

10 Cheerios Nutrition Facts

Cheerios cereal, manufactured by 100% grain oats, is not only a delicious diet, but also enriched with fiber, iron and folic acid. The specialty of cheerios cereals is that, it has no artificial flavors or colors.

10 Popcorn Facts

Hunger is problem of us all and whenever it appears we desperately need something to eat. If ready to cook or already cooked food is available it really helps in this situation. Popcorns are also such type of cooked or ready to cook food that are almost always there to help us when we are hungry.

10 Carrots Nutrition Facts

Carrot is a vegetable, which grows in plant roots. Generally, we see it in orange color, but it is also found in red, white, yellow and purple colors. Its texture is very crisp, when it is fresh. Usually, its root part is used as food; green leaves are also edible, but not used commonly.

10 Vitamins Facts

Vitamins are no doubt, the most important need of human beings to stay healthy as well as energetic. The source of getting these vitamins is our food including vegetables, fruits, pulses etc. In case of getting deficiency of these vitamins, we become weak and even disable.

10 Watermelon Nutrition Facts

South African countries are the places that are claimed as an origin of watermelon. From these countries, this healthy fruit was spread into different more countries all over the world. Honey bees are the responsible for pollination of watermelon seeds.

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