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Taj Mahal Facts

The great, beautiful and charming Taj mahal is one of the famous buildings in the world. It is situated in Agra, India. It is known as a symbol of love and peace. It is also one of the new 7 wonders of world. Here are some more facts about Taj Mahal.

Nazca Lines Facts

Nazca Lines, located and carved on to the ground of Nazca desert in Peru, are the mysterious series of geoglyphs. These geogplyphs comprises of designs and artwork of pictographs that are still fresh on a dry plateau of Peru in Nazca desert.

10 Earth Day Facts

Our planet earth is no doubt, a beautiful place to live. However, many pollution factors are influencing the beauty of earth and causing the environmental pollution. Earth day is the day that is celebrated all over the world every year, just to educate the people about current environmental condition of globe.

10 Russian Facts

Russia is the largest country in the world it constitutes one seventh area of the world. Its boundaries are touched by 22 different bodies of waters and because of its area; it is the only country that touches majority of the countries.

10 Native American Facts

Native Americans are the people living in North America. These people belong to different tribes and different ethnic groups. These are the original people of America and are separated to those people who at sometime, at some stage migrated to America.

10 Roman Facts

The word “Roman” is used for citizen, people, empire or anything of ancient Rome. The word “roman” is also used for font i.e. a specific font is called roman or times new roman. Today Rome is the capital of Italy.

10 Indian Facts

India is a south Asian country, which is also member of United Nations, has the official name of republic of India. It is the second most populated country of the world with over 1.2 billion people and still its population is getting worse day by day.

10 American Facts

U.S.A stands for United States of America. Discovered by Columbus, it is the largest and most populated country of the world.

10 Australian Facts

The word Australian means anything related to “Australia”. It can be Australian language, Australian culture, Australian food or anything. Australia is a country in Australian content in southern hemisphere.

10 Egyptian Facts

The word “Egyptian” refers to anything related to “Egypt”. It “anything” can be a person, culture, language or any other thing about Egypt. Egypt is a Muslim country situated in North Africa and is surrounded by Mediterranean and red sea. It is one of the oldest and richest, in history and culture, country in the world.

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