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Identity Theft Facts

Identity theft is a day-by-day increasing crime in the whole world. This is the crime which a person do very technically and its impacts are also very dangerous. If you want to know something more about Identity Theft crime, just read the following facts about identity Theft.

Teenage Drinking Facts

The term “Drinking” is commonly used for alcohol drinking habit in most parts of the globe. Of course, alcohol drinking habit is not considered good due to its hazardous effect on human health, but this impression becomes more severe in the case of teenage drinking.

Child Labor Facts

Employment of children as a regular labor is called as child labor. This is an illegal practice and banned in many countries. It is considered, that it is a exploitation of children to employ them as a cheap labor, instead of sending them to schools for getting education.

Underage Drinking Facts

Drinking is an addiction and a large number of people drink alcohol all over the world. In the past, only adults were indulge in this bad habit but now underage drinking is an increasing concern in many countries of the world.

Auschwitz Facts

Crimes are associated with human history from the beginning. Some crimes have strong impact on human history and remembered till long. During the Second World War, there was a camp in Germany, named Auschwitz.

Human Trafficking Facts

Human trafficking is an organized crime found in all over the world. There are millions of people which are victims of human trafficking. Here are some shocking facts about Human Trafficking.

10 Meth Facts

A stimulant drug that has features just like amphetamine is known as Methamphetamine or simply Meth. Being a schedule II drug, the sale of meth is strictly prohibited without the prescription of doctor. However, its medical uses are not much more even having permission of sale in accordance to doctor’s prescription.

10 Drug Abuse Facts

Drug abuse means such a chaos that is caused by excessive use of really harmful substances or you can say by the regular use of some narcotic drugs. The most affected people by means of drug abuse lie in the category of young generation.

10 Drunk Driving Facts

Sometimes people try to drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol or any other drug; this is known as drunk driving. Drunk driving is illegal in any law in, any country and in any situation.

10 Suicide Facts

Death is to come and there is no escape from it. But to kill one’s own self can be prevented. People kill themselves every day due to many reasons. Sometimes these reasons are not even worth a tear for which people take their own lives for granted.

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