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Walrus Facts

The walrus is the a large marine mammal, its scientific name is Odebenus rosmarus. Two species of this mammal have identified, one is called Atlantic walrus while another is Pacific Walrus. They have large tusks, which are used for defense. Here are some interesting facts about Walrus.

  1. Diet: Walrus has large whiskers, which help them in locating the prey. Their diet includes clams, mussels and other small organisms. If food is less, they can eat the young ones of seals.
  2. Population: According to an estimate nearly 250,000 Walruses are present in the world, and the majority of them are pacific walruses. In the past their number reduced due to hunting, but now the population is stable.
  3. Range: Walrus is found in different parts of the world. Bering, Chukchi and nearby oceans hold Pacific walrus while Atlantic walrus is present in coastal areas of Canada and Greenland.
  4. Behavior: Walrus live is large groups, as they are quite social in nature. They roam around in large herds, in the non breeding season, male and female live in separate herds. Some Walruses show migratory behavior.
  5. Reproduction: Mating season of the Walrus is from December to March. Gestation period is nearly 16 months. Usually, 1 calf is born but sometimes twins are also seen.

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