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Sting Bugs Facts

Sting Bug which is a famous agriculture pest in East Asia, introduced in United States accidently in 1998. Today, these sting bugs are responsible for damage of lots of agricultural crops and fruits in these countries. Here are some facts about sting bugs.

1. Scientific Description

Sting bugs belong to Class Insecta and Family Pentatomidae. The Order is Hemiptera and specie is Halymorpha halys.

2. Description

The average length of adult sting bugs is 1.7 centimeters and shape is triangular. Like many other insects, they have six legs with a pair of wings. They have antennas with alternative light bands. The outer edge of abdomen is incorporated with alternating dark bands. They vary with respect to color which ranges from dark brown to light brown with off-white, grey and black marking.

3. Diet

As they live in farms, gardens and orchards, so the diet of sting bugs is fruit, flower,m leaves and crops especially soybean.

4. Reason behind Name

The reason behind the name “Sting Bug” is unpleasant odor that evolve in case of killing them or crushing them.

5. Prevention

You can prevent Sting bugs by using light insecticides. Moreover, cleaning of garden and removal of weeds is also a preventive measure to stay safe from harmful effects of sting bugs.

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