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Sand Dollar Facts

Like starfish and sea cucumber, there are lots of very astonishing and confusing marine animals, which remain a question in the minds of people since the time of their discovery. Sand dollar is the best example of such surprising animals. Here are some facts about Sand dollar.

1. Scientific Description

The scientific name of Sand dollar is Dendraster Excentricus and it belongs to class Echinoidea. The order of Sand dollar is Clypeasteroida and there many suborders and families of this strange animal.

2. Reason behind Name

There is a specific reason behind such funny name of this animal which is its skeletal appearance. It gives the bleached white appearance while exposing in the sunlight.

3. Other Names

There are many other names of this interesting animal. Some of the common names of sand Dollar are “Cake Urchin”, Sand Cake”, Silver Coin” and “Sea Biscuit”.

4. Habitat

The habitat of sand dollar creates another cause behind giving such a unique name for this animal. These animals usually found in groups on sandy or muddy ground of seashore.

5. Reproduction

The reproduction of sand dollars is as strange as their look, they reproduce themselves by means of cloning or doubling their numbers.

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