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Red Fox Facts

Red Fox is the largest Fox Species, out of 21 known species of fox. It is most wide spread carnivore member of the group. It is found in the northern hemisphere from Arctic Circle to the Asia. It is listed among the worst invasive species. Here we are mentioning some interesting facts about Red fox.

1: Habitat

Red Fox has wide habitat, which includes forests, farmland, suburbs and woodlands. This species of fox is present in Eurasia, North Africa, North America and North Africa. They were introduced into Australia, but they damaged the local population.

2: Diet

Red fox is omnivore, so rabbits, rodents and game birds are its favorite food. However, it also loves to eat fruits, beetles, worms and insects.

3: Threats

Like every animal, Red fox also faces threats from other animals, which includes wolves, bears, lynx and coyotes. Human also hunt them for their fur coat.

4: Den living

Foxes live is den, which they dig or borrow for themselves. Interestingly, one den is used by many generations.

5: Senses

Fox is considered as a sharp animal, with strong senses. Its sense of hearing is incredibly strong, which helps in locating the pray in thick vegetation and even in underground burrows.

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