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Golden Retriever Facts

There are different varieties of dogs in the world and one of them is Golden Retriever. This is called as the most popular breed of dog in the world. These are responsive dogs and are used to complete different jobs. Here are some facts about Golden Retriever.

  1. Physical facts: The coat if this dog is dense and water resistance. The hair can be straight or wavy. These dogs are lustrous golden in color, while shades may vary. Length of hair is medium.
  2. Origin: These dogs were originated somewhere in 1800s and the place was Scotland. Now a day, they are considered native to United kingdom, while they are found all over the world now.
  3. Uses: Golden retriever is a family dog and considered a show dog. Initially it was used as a hunting dog, while now a day it is used by police and other protection agencies after giving proper training of these dogs.
  4. Attitude: This dog is known for its calm and gentle attitude. It is not only active but very friendly too. Like other dogs, it’s also very loyal. Another ability is its gentle attitude with children. This is a good watch dog as well, which seeks more human attention. It can swim too.
  5. Grooming: This golden dog shed throughout the years, but more specifically in the fall and spring. Brushing with a firm brush will keep his coat healthy. The dog should be bathed with dry shampoo, when necessary. Moreover, trimming of the claws is also important.

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