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Giant Squid Facts

Giant squid is the name of one of the largest marine specie and invertebrate. Being amazing with respect to structure, there are many interesting facts about this giant marine animal. Some of these Giant Squid facts are as follows.

1. Scientific Description

Giant Squid belong to class Cephalopoda and order Teutheda. The suborder is Oegopsina and family of Giant Squid is Architeuthidae. The Genus of this interesting creature is Architeuthis.

2. Physical Description

Giant Squid is the creature which has eight arms, two tentacles and one mantle (torso). For locomotion, there are the mantles of squid are equipped with small fins. There are eight known species of Giant Squid.

3. Size

The name of Giant squid is the true description of its large size. With respect to size, Giant Squid is a second largest invertebrate and also second largest mollusc. The maximum recorded size of female Giant Squid is 43 feet and of male Giant Squid is 33 feet.

4. Diet

The diet of Giant Squid is other small squids and deep-sea fish. They use their tentacles to catch the prey and tear it with their powerful beak.

5. Images and Video

On 30th September 2004, the first image of live adult wild Giant squid was taken. However, the first video of live wild Giant squid was filmed in November, 2006.

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