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Florida Panther Facts

The inhabitant of Southern Florida forest and a subspecies of cougar is famous in the United States with a name “Florida Panther”. This animal is now in danger and people of the Southeastern United States love this animal very much. Here are some facts about Florida Panther.

1. Scientific Description

Obviously the order and class of Florida panther are Carnivore and Mamalia. The family of this animal is Felidae and Genus is Puma.

2. Physical Description

The beautiful thing about Florida Panther is its blue eyes. The skin of this animal is spotted with black spots on ears and tails.

3. Interesting fact

No doubt, Florida panther belongs to Cougar family and close relative of Puma. However, there is an interesting and strange thing about it, it cannot roar like puma and cougar. Instead of this, the sounds of Florida Panther are growls, whistles, hisses  and chirps.

4. Diet

The diet of Florida Panther is white boar, white-tailed deer, waterfowl, mice and hares.

5. Endangered Specie

The Florida Panther is one of the severely endangered specie, which was counted just 20 in 1970. However, after the great efforts, now the count of Florida Panther is 100-160. Now it is a Florida State animal.

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