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Bull Shark Facts

Bull sharks are known as the most dangerous sharks. This aggressive species of shark are found in tropical waters. They are usually found in shallow waters. They are also called as Ganges shark  and Zambezi shark.  Here are some facts about Bull shark.

  1. Physical facts: Shark can live as long as 16 years in wild. Their total length can grow from 7 to more than 11 feet. Their weight can be 200 pounds to 500 pounds.
  2. Diet: Diet of bull shark is mostly fish but they can eat many other things, like dolphins and sea turtles. They can also hunt other species of shark.
  3. Found in fresh waters: Sharks are found in oceans, but this shark has adapted to swim in river waters also. They are found in many big rivers, which are far from the ocean, like the Mississippi River and Amazon river.
  4. The attack on human: Human is not part of Bull shark’s regular prey, but it attacks many humans. The reasons behind it is that, these sharks are found in shallow waters where human swim.
  5. School: Shark swims in groups, and the group of bull sharks is called as a school or a shoal.

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