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Animal Cells Facts

The cell is the basic structure of life. Cells combine to make animals and plants. Animal cell is different if we compare them with the plant cells. The cell is the basic unit of structure and function in all animals. Here are some interesting facts about animal cells.

  1. Self sufficient: An animal cell is self sufficient. It means it can manufacture all it needs for its construction. For instance, Golgi complex, an organelle in animal cell produce cell membrane. Similarly, all required components are produced by the cell itself.
  2. Size of animal cells: Animal cells are of various sizes, some are quite small but others are comparatively large. The size can range from 1 micrometer to 100 micrometers. But even larger animal cells are not visible to the human eye.
  3. Cell reproduction: Animals cell reproduction through the process of mitosis or sexual reproduction.
  4. Self destruction abilities: Animal cells have self destruction abilities is certain conditions. When a cell is affected and there are no chances of repair, the cell can destroy itself. The process is called as apoptosis or cellular suicide.
  5. A store house: A single animal cell has all the information and genetic material, which is required for the growth of a new organisum. This information is about the biology and all other traits of an organism.

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