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10 Fish Facts

Fish are fascinating creation. They are beautiful, harmless, harmful, ugly, strong, sharp; intelligent in short fish of different species possess these qualities. If we go below water, we find many beautifully colored fish, and going deeper and deeper into the sea we find amazing and strange species of fish. Some are blind while some can see. Below are given some facts about fish.

1. Large fish population has decreased

With fishing and accidents the population of large fish in the oceans has decreased to as much as ninety percent. And this decrease has occurred only in last fifty years.

2. Only up to six fish babies survive

Though fish lay millions of eggs each year but the survival is earned only by up to six fish. Eggs are eaten by large and small fish and small baby fish are also eaten by other fish leaving only a few to survive.

3. Species

There are 20,000 known species of fish, but how many species actually exist this is not known yet. There were many species that emerged from time to time on different places which were considered as extinct like the coelacanth fish which was thought to be dead with dinosaurs. 

4. Orange roughy

Orange roughy Is the fish that turns orange when it dies. This fish was discovered around 1970 and further study on it said that this fish grows very slow and lives for almost 150 years. It produces off springs when it reaches 20 years of age. This fish was over fished and now most threatened species of fish after few decades of its discovery.

5. The garbage patch

The pacific garbage patch is the area of sea between Japan and United States which is used to dump debris. It is almost twice as big as United States. This place contains floating material that is inorganic in nature hence highly poisonous for fish and a major cause of taking their lives.

6. The Chilean bass

The fish we know as Chilean bass is actually not what is it called. The actual name of this fish is pantagonic toothfish. The name Chilean bass was given to this fish so that it can be sold out. The Chilean bass may not necessarily from chile.

7. Fishing

Not an easy job. It is not just to throw a net and wait for some time to pull it up full of fish. The fishermen face great threats and dangers while fishing and the percentage of accidents for them is more than that of firefighters.

8. Wild fish

The farmed fish that is consumed most in the world is called the wild fish. This fish is fed with the meal made of wild fish itself.

9. The fishing zone

Ninety percent of the fishing is done within 200 miles of land. These coasts are either held by one country or group of countries. But most fishing is done by the rich countries from the coasts of poor countries.

10. The farmed fish

The farmed fish are now entirely different in looks as well as in nature from their wild cousins. These fish are protected from every danger in farms, so they do no know how to survive in the sea.

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