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Caterpillar Facts

Caterpillar is an insect but actually it is a stage in the life of butterflies and moths. This stage is also called as larval stage. Skin of caterpillar shed many times through the process of development of insect. Here are some facts about caterpillars.

Arctic Wolf Facts

Arctic wolf is a mammal, which is sub specie of a gray wolf. They live in those areas, where surface of the earth is permanently frozen, only few species of animals can survive in such harsh environments. Usually, they are white in color and have thick coat. They live in group of 6 wolves. Here are some facts about Arctic Wolf.

Ocean Pollution Facts

There are different types of pollution; one of them is Ocean pollution. Ocean pollution is not limited to oceans, it affects the marine life and in return it affects the human health. Here are some eye opening facts about ocean pollution.

Sting Bugs Facts

Sting Bug which is a famous agriculture pest in East Asia, introduced in United States accidently in 1998. Today, these sting bugs are responsible for damage of lots of agricultural crops and fruits in these countries.

Crystals Facts

The world is filled up with large number of crystalline materials like diamonds, quartz and snowflakes. The role of crystalline materials in our life is very important. Here are some interesting facts about crystals.

Kilauea Volcano Facts

The world’s most active and second youngest volcano which is located in big island of Hawaii is called Kilauea volcano. There are recorded eruptions from this highly active volcano in the recent years.

Vin Diesel Facts

Vin Diesel is the name of famous American Artist who is a writer, director and producer at the same time. Many famous Hollywood movies are on his credit and he is also the hero of many video games.

Sand Dollar Facts

Like starfish and sea cucumber, there are lots of very astonishing and confusing marine animals, which remain a question in the minds of people since the time of their discovery. Sand dollar is the best example of such surprising animals.

Florida Panther Facts

The inhabitant of Southern Florida forest and a subspecies of cougar is famous in the United States with a name “Florida Panther”. This animal is now in danger and people of the Southeastern United States love this animal very much.

Giant Squid Facts

Giant squid is the name of one of the largest marine specie and invertebrate. Being amazing with respect to structure, there are many interesting facts about this giant marine animal.

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